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Grand Cayman Activities for Non-snorkel Days

Somedays it’s cloudy or the waves are a tad choppy. Set aside your snorkel gear and try these other Cayman activities. You’ll need a rental car to reach the sites. Try Andy’s Rentals, which has a place on 7-mile as well as at the airport. Leave plenty of time for the drive because what looks […]

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Snorkeling Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Fish diversity is quite high, stingrays are plentiful, and turtles can be seen in Grand Cayman’s shallow waters.  It’s a great place to actually learn the art of snorkeling because of Seven Mile Beach’s white sands and peaceful, welcoming water.

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Grand Cayman Cobalt Reef Resort

Cobalt Reef, Grand Cayman   Advanced Snorkeling/Swimming Divetech at Cobalt Reef Resort is a good swimming out place. But it’s not for the faint of heart. Some days, it’s very choppy. Even on calm days, you swim a few hundred yards from shore and you swim over deep, deep water. Our group, many in their […]

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