What is snorksnork?

A place for snorkelers, by snorkelers. A place to share information. What boats, guides, and travel companies welcome snorkelers. Where to find good snorkeling sites. The condition of their coral and what creatures can be seen. How to enter the water and how to snorkel effectively. What books and DVDs are great for information.

Why create snorksnork?

Good snorkeling information can be tough to find because snorkeling is often lumped in with diving. Yet snorkelers have different needs. What makes a great dive site or dive entrance does not necessarily give good access for snorkelers—deep coral formations are no help for snorkelers who can’t see them. Windy, choppy areas are fine for divers who will be below them in a second, but can be challenging to snorkelers. SnorkSnork is designed to address this disconnect.

Why the snork snork name?

Maybe it makes us laugh, like a good snorkeling trip does. Maybe it echoes how we all sound breathing through tubes. Maybe it conjures up how we all look in our wacky masks with hair dripping and tangled in headbands. Maybe snorksnork is the spirit of the sport—having fun with little fuss. Or maybe we just like saying it. But SnorkSnork is named for what we are—a community for snorkelers created by snorkelers!