Grand Cayman Activities for Non-snorkel Days

Somedays it’s cloudy or the waves are a tad choppy. Set aside your snorkel gear and try these other Cayman activities. You’ll need a rental car to reach the sites. Try Andy’s Rentals, which has a place on 7-mile as well as at the airport. Leave plenty of time for the drive because what looks like a short drive on the  map can actually take quite a while at the slow speeds allowed on Cayman.

Mastic Trail

Bring real shoes, not flip flops, for this one because the rocks on parts of the trail can be sharp.  You’ll also want water, a hat, and mosquito repellant or long sleeves/pants. It’s not terribly mosquito-y by our standards. But then again, we love swamps and rain forests. This beautiful bit of dry forest has puddles full of butterflies, iguanas, woodpeckers, warblers, and an occasional snake. This forest is hugely important for wintering warblers. It’s also a good place to see some of the island’s parrots. So birders, bring your binoculars. A camera for the frogs and butterflies and orchids would also help. This site is run by the National Trust.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park-This site is another good place for birdwatching and iguana encountering. It’s much more civilized than the Mastic Trail. The plants are not all native; they’re the usual mixture you might see in botanical gardens anywhere in the world. Lots of flowers for beautiful stops and pictures. There is a longer trail through native vegetation. Really, it’s a wide road.

You could get away with open footwear here but you may get rocks in those Tevas and sandals. Be sure to use sun tan lotion those toes and bring the hat and water. Because it gets incredibly hot middday in this inland site. The place doesn’t open until about 9 and closes 4:30 or so. So, it’s gonna be hot when you’re there.  Endangered blue iguanas range freely on the property. Call or check the newspaper/tourist brochures for dates/times when they offer a tour of the captive breeding facility for blue iguanas.  The Cayman Blue Iguana lives, well, only on Cayman!

Bring your own snacks on these treks because there’s little to nothing available on site.

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