Snorkeling With La Jolla Sharks

Visit La Jolla, CA, and try some snorkeling. Just offshore of the main beach are stingrays and Leopard Sharks. Go out to where there’s 6-8 feet of water as these harmless sharks forage in the sand. They’re basically living vacuum cleaners. We snorkeled with them just below our feet. Look for a lot of folks looking down! Ask and they’ll likely tell you the best spot to find the sharks.

If you head out to La Jolla Cove and its natural caves you’ll find kelp beds and lots of gorgeous fish. We recommend visiting the Birch Aquarium at Scripps ahead of time so you’ll know what fish you might see.We were amazed at the colorful variety that live in the kelp beds. To reach this area we rented kayaks downtown then took off the main sandy beach and headed over to the caves. It’s a bit of a paddle for new paddlers. But it’s fun if you take your time.

Apparently, the water is generally calm. Alas, the day we snorksnorkers visited, it was anything but. It was incredibly choppy. Windy. Wild. Bouncy kayaking. Snorkeling wasn’t the greatest that day because the water was so stirred up it was hard to see. But our La Jolla friends say that’s unusual.

Just in case you happen to get a choppy day like that day, here’s a warning. It’s hard as heck to pop back into a kayak when it’s slamming up and down in the waves.

You’ll be glad you rented a wetsuit because the water can be cool here. You can take a snorkel and kayak tour with San Diego Bike and Snorkel Tours. ┬áSeasonally, they offer whale watching and clear bottom kayak tours. (Cool!) Finish off the day with a stroll in La Jolla which has great restaurants and shopping. If you still need more wildlife, check out the sea lion beach. Ask directions or listen for their groans.

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